General Information: Miscellaneous Articles

Celtic Christian Spirituality, by the Reverend Monk Dr. Gorazd.

Homily for the Sunday of Orthodoxy, Given in the Cathedral of Trebinje, 2007, by the Most Reverend Atanasije, Retired Bishop of Zahumlje and Herzegovina.

The Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem, by Niels Christian Hvidt.

Count the Number of the Beast: 666, by Inok Vsevolod (Filipiev).

Elder Barsanuphius of Optina: Talks with Spiritual Children, by Fr. Victor Afanasiev. Part I | Part II. These installments are from this wonderful book in The Optina Elders Series. The Optina Elders are especially significant for our day as they essentially lived in modern times. They had tremendous impact on Russian society, influencing many people from all walks of life—young, old, rich, poor, lay, clergy and monastic. These talks were selected for publication on this Web site due to their special appropriateness for lay people struggling to live an Orthodox life in the world.

On the World and Family, by Elder Ephraim.

My Work With English-Speaking Converts: An Interview with Fr. Artemy Vladimirov. This is Part I of a superb three-part interview of this wise and  experienced Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was originally published in the Orthodox journal, Road to Emmaus (view other articles in past issues). The issues containing Parts II and III of this edifying and informative interview can be ordered from Road to Emmaus.

Women in the Orthodox Church: Brief Comments from a Spiritual Perspective, by Archimandrite [now Archbishop] Chrysostomos.

On the Question of the Origin of the Slanted Crosswise Bar in Russian Crosses, by N. Pokrovsky, with a Letter from St. John of Kronstadt.

An Orthodox View of Abortion: The Amicus Curiae Brief submitted to the Supreme Court.

Deaconnesses. From The Veil, Pascha 1998.

Hidden Fire: Orthodox Perspectives on Yoga, by Joseph Magnus Frangipani.