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Welcome to the OCIC Web site, one of the largest and oldest sites on Orthodox Christianity. Think of the OCIC as a vast online article repository, with over 850 articles and 3,000 printed pages. This site has been online since 1996 and receives over 50,000 visits per month, according to Google Analytics.

*  Commonly called the "Old" Calendar, but properly understood as the traditional and canonical Church Calendar, in use by most Orthodox Christians, if not the majority of Orthodox parishes around the world.
** Commonly called the "New" Calendar, but properly understood as a crude combination of the Gregorian, or Civil, calendar and the traditional Paschalian, which was uncanonically foisted upon the Church by the Pan-Orthodox Congress of 1923. It is in use by the majority of Orthodox churches in America, as well as the Churches of Greece, Romania and a few other historically Orthodox countries. Many of us must live with this unfortunate legacy. Let us pray for the restoration of liturgical unity, i.e., the return of the "New Calendar churches" to the traditional Church Calendar. [ Learn more... ]

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June 22 / July 5. St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco the Wonderworker (movable holiday on the Saturday closest to June 19th). Hieromartyr Eusebius, bishop of Samosata (380).

Further Thoughts on the Ancient Faith Today Discussion: The Pope and the Patriarch, by Fr. John Whiteford.

May 28 / June 10. Third Day of the Holy Trinity. Venerable Nicetas, bishop of Chalcedon (9th c.).

On the Recent Events in Jerusalem and their Ecclesiological Underpinnings, by a Greek Orthodox Priest.

True and False Unity, a homily by Fr. John Whiteford.

May 4 / 17. Synaxis of New Martyrs of Butovo. Virgin-martyr Pelagia of Tarsus in Asia Minor (287).

Concerning the “Historic Meeting” Between Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis (May, 2014), by Patrick Barnes.

April 24 / 11. Bright Thursday. Elizabeth the Wonderworker. Savvas the General of Rome.

Pious Kings and Right-Believing Queens: An Encyclopedia of the Royal and Imperial Saints of the Orthodox Church, lengthy excerpts from a new book by Protopresbyter James Thornton. Order from The Institute of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies.

April 1 / 14. Holy and Great Monday. St. Mary of Egypt.

A Letter to Pope Francis Concerning His Past, the Abysmal State of Papism, and a Plea to Return to Holy Orthodoxy, by His Eminence, the Metropolitan of Piraeus, Seraphim, and His Eminence, the Metropolitan of Dryinoupolis, Andrew, both of the Church of Greece.

Shifts in Paradigms: An Orthodox Psychiatrist on Homosexuality, an interview with Dr. Lynne Pappas from

The Mystery of Marriage: A Fellowship of Love, by Hieromonk Gregorios. This excerpt is provided by the translator and publisher, Fr. Michael Monos, the proistamenos of St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia, MO and founder of Newrome Press.

The Parable of the Prodigal Son: A Commentary in the Light of the Fathers, by Hieromonk Gregorios. Published by Newrome Press.

The Orthodox School of Bethany, which is adjacent to the Holy Monastery of Saint Mary Magdalene, has an immediate and ongoing need for “Suitcase Partners.” Sister Martha has found that shipping to Israel/Palestine is expensive and unreliable. Whenever she needs to make an important order, she tries to ship things domestically to someone whom she knows will be coming to the Holy Land. If you know of anyone who is coming to the Holy Land for pilgrimage or business and might be willing to carry a few items for them, please contact the Bethany School.

Dec 7 / 20. St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan (397).

The House of the Father, by Fr. George Florovsky. An important essay on ecclesiology by a tremendous theologian of our times.

Be Ready: An Approach to the Mystery of Death, by Hieromonk Gregorios. This lengthy excerpt is provided by the translator and publisher, Fr. Michael Monos, the proistamenos of St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia, MO and founder of Newrome Press.

Repentance and Confession, by Hieromonk Gregorios. Published by Newrome Press.

Nov 13 / 26, 2013. St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople (407).

A Response to Fr. Alkiviadis C. Calivas’ “Clerical Attire in America: Suit or Rason?”, by Fr. Michael Monos.

Nov 7 / 20, 2013. Holy 33 Martyrs of Melitene. Venerable Lazarus the Wonderworker of Mt. Galesion.

Art in Worship, Chapter 6 from Greece’s Dostoevsky: The Theological Vision of Alexandros Papadiamandis, by Dr. Anestis Keselopoulos. Translated by Dr. Herman A. Middleton. Find the book on the Publisher’s Site, Protecting Veil Press or Amazon. See also these previously posted excerpts.

What's with the Three Bar Orthodox Cross?, by Matt Swagerty. From, a site that specializes in the sale of Orthodox wedding rings.

The Meaning and Use of Candles, Incense and Vigil Lamps, from the October, 2013 issue of The Messenger, published by the Paracletos Greek Orthodox Monastery in Abbeville, SC.

June 20 / July 3, 2013, 2nd Week after Pentecost. Hieromartyr Methodius, bishop of Patara (312).

An Impossible Right: Why 'Same-Sex Marriage' is Wrongheaded. This is an important interview that Fr. Josiah Trenham conducted with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco, concerning what Fr. Josiah says is the most important issue of our times.

Ancient Christian Wisdom. This is a blog by Hieromonk Alexios (Trader), author of a "groundbreaking interdisciplinary volume in the art of pastoral counseling, patristic studies, and the interface between psychology and theology" (from the back matter; Read the Introduction). Highly recommended to all!

May 15 / 28, 2013, Fourth Tuesday after Pascha. Venerable Pachomius the Great, founder of cenobitic monasticism (346).

Is There Really a Patristic Critique of Icons?: an excellent 5-part series addressing the claim by Presbyterian pastor Steven Wedgeworth that there is significant patristic testimony against iconography.

What the Book From I-Ville to You-Ville Taught Us. Compiled for a Fourth Grade Sunday School Class, by Patrick Barnes.

Feb 2 / Jan 20, 2013, The Venerable Euthymius the Great (473).

Advice to All Christian Women, But Especially New Brides, by St. Gregory of Nazianzus (“the Theologian”).

Dec 5 / Nov 22, 2012, Afterfeast of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple.

The Importance of Spiritual Reading, a talk by Fr. Timothy Pavlatos.

What should Orthodox Christians do, when there is no parish nearby?, by Fr. John Whiteford.

Nov 4 / 17, 2012, The Venerable Ioannicius the Great of Bithynia (846).

Three excerpts from an excellent new book entitled Made Perfect in Faith: A Second Volume, by Protopresbyter James Thornton:

The Ten Commandments, with Questions to Help Children Prepare for Confession. Compiled by Patrick Barnes. This is something I used in our 4th Grade Sunday School class, and which you may find helpful for your children.

May 15 / 28, 2012, Afterfeast of the Ascension. Saint Pachomios the Great.

Icons of the Holy Monastery of Karakallou on Mount Athos. This is a beautiful new book produced by Karakallou Monastery.

January 19 / February 1, 2012, Venerable Macarius the Great of Egypt (390).

A Review of The Crazy Side of Orthodoxy, by Charles Shingledecker. Published by Regina Orthodox Press (2011). Reviewed by Patrick Barnes.

The Canons of the Church: Changeable or Unchangeable?, by Nicholas N. Afanasiev.

On Penances and their Use, a short compilation on this important topic.

Excerpts from Greece’s Dostoevsky: The Theological Vision of Alexandros Papadiamandis, by Anestis Keselopoulos. This is a superb new book available from Protecting Veil Press.

Photos of the Consecration of St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church in Riverside, CA, by Patrick Barnes. This newly built church, consecrated on December 3, 2011, is among the most beautiful Orthodox Churches in America.

Video Tour Series of St. Andrew Orthodox Church, by Fr. Josiah Trenham.