Orthodoxy and Western Christianity: For Lutherans

Lutheran inquirers into Orthodoxy: Orthodoxy for Lutherans. A wealth of resources provided by Christopher Orr. It is the companion site to the Lutherans Looking East list on Yahoo! Groups, which is a forum for asking questions of Orthodox converts from Lutheranism.

Luther Had His Chance: taken from Stephen Runciman’s The Great Church in Captivity.

The Three Answers of Patriarch Jeremiah II: the famous correspondence between Jeremiah II, Patriarch of Constantinople, and the Lutheran scholars from Tübingen.

Justification and Sanctification: A Conversation Between Lutheranism and Orthodoxy, by Ross [now Father Basil] Aden (St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, v.38, #1).

Justification by Faith Alone? The Reply of Patriarch Jeremiah II to the Lutheran Tübingen Theologians, Concerning the Augsburg Confession (16th cent.).

Salvation By Christ: A Response to the Credenda/Agenda, by Carmen Fragapane.

Recommended Books

Mastrantonis, Fr. George, Augsburg and Constantinople. Brookline, MA: Holy Cross Press, 1982. This is the translation of the extensive dialogue between Patriarch Jeremiah II and the Lutheran theologians from Tübingen in the sixteenth century. Read excerpts. It details clearly the differences between Lutheranism and Orthodoxy.

Meyendorff, John, and Robert Tobias, Salvation in Christ: A Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue. Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Press, 1992. Many topics under the umbrella of "salvation" are treated in this compilation of ecumenical studies. A most useful comparison of the differences between Orthodox dogma and those that emerged from the Reformation. If unavailable through sources listed below order directly from the publisher: (800) 531-5461.

Pelikan, Jaroslav, The Christian Tradition, Volumes 1 and 2. Arguably the best history of dogma series ever produced. Dr. Pelikan converted to Orthodoxy from Lutheranism in 1998.