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Concerning Priests and Holy Tradition

Excerpts from Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit

The priest is the incarnation of the absolute, the expression of the constant, stable and unshakeable, the trumpet of Heaven, the image of incorruption, the mile-marker of eternity. May he remain forever unchanged, even in his external appearance, as a reminder and symbol of the ages and of the unchanging truths which he represents.

—Blessed Elder Epiphanios of Athens

The priests cassock is the flag of the Church of our Christ: for this reason we must try hard to honor it, we who wear it, with a holy life, so that those who dont wear it will honor and respect it.

—Blessed Elder Amphilochios of Patmos

I am proud of the cassock I wear and consider it more valuable and seemly than every other kind of garment, even than the royal purple robes of kings. I consider myself unworthy to dress in such a modest, honorable and holy garb, which was honored by numberless monastic Saints, monk martyrs, confessors and Saints. I am saddened by and pity those clerics who reject the cassock and who shave their beards.

—Blessed Elder Philotheos of Paros

From "Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit" - The Lives and Counsels of Contemporary Elders of Greece by H. Middleton / Protecting Veil Press 2003 - www.protectingveil.com