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Cover of the Truth of Our Faith

The Truth of Our Faith

A Discourse from Holy Scripture on the Teachings of True Christianity

by Elder Cleopa of Romania

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The Table of Contents

Preface by Archimandrite Joseph of Xeropotamou Monastery (Mount Athos)

Translators Introduction

A word about the Elder in the Orthodox Church

A Brief Life of the Elder Cleopa of Romania

Introduction by the Elder

1. On the Church

2. On Holy Scripture

3. On Holy Tradition

4. On the Veneration of the Saints and Angels

5. On the Veneration of the Ever-Virgin Mary

6. On the Honourable Veneration of the Holy Relics

7. On the Honourable Veneration of the Holy Icons

8. On the Reverence and Veneration of the True Cross

9. On the Sign of the Cross

10. On Prayer for the Dead

11. On Divine Services and Symbols of the Faith

12. On Fasting

13. On the Presuppositions of our Personal Salvation

14. On Keeping the Lord's Feast on Sunday instead of Saturday

15. On the Second Coming of Christ

16. On the Thousand Year Reign (Chiliasm)

17. On the Eternal Torments of Hell

18. On Glossologia (Speaking in Tongues)

19. On Magic and Occultism

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General Index

Scriptural Index

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