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Heresy vs. Truth: A Response to Dr. Peter Bouteneff

Patrick Barnes

On July 16th and August 8th, 2009, Dr. Peter Bouteneff, associate professor in Systematic Theology at Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, posted a two-part podcast about ecumenism for his Ancient Faith Radio series “Sweeter than Honey”. The podcasts were titled “Heresy vs. Hope”. In them Dr. Bouteneff criticized the “Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism” (updated English version with enhanced footnotes on Holy Trinity Monastery site), a very important document published in Greece in April, 2009. This document has since been translated into numerous languages and signed by a large number of clergy, monastics and laity, including over half a dozen Metropolitans. Dr. Bouteneff’s remarks should not go unaddressed....

Note: My article is offered in audio format (the first time I have done this) because I am responding to a podcast. This may be the beginning of a new podcast series, depending upon feedback.