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Advertise on the OCIC!

Targeted Advertising to Orthodox Christians

The OCIC was started in 1996, and until 2013, was completely supported by personal funds of the site creator and Webmaster, Patrick Barnes (an ordained Reader serving in the Greek Archdiocese). In early 2013 the decision was made to remove the “Bookstores and Church Suppliers” page—which was merely a list of some 30+ links—and to begin offering advertising for Orthodox businesses, groups and special events.

Not only will this help offset the costs to host and maintain the OCIC site—as well as fund future improvements—but it also provides a great way for Orthodox Christians to advertise to a more targeted audience, and at a lower cost, than a service like Google AdWords.

As one of the oldest and largest Orthodox Christian Web sites, the OCIC receives a lot of traffic: over 50,000 visits per month. The vast majority of these visits are from North America, followed by the UK and Australia.

Three ad units are offered: a top leaderboard (728 x 90), a bottom leaderboard (728 x 90), and a medium rectangle (300 x 250) in the right sidebar:

728px X 90px PNG, GIF or JPG
300px X 250px PNG, GIF or JPG

Ads will be served via Google's Double-Click for Publishers (DFP) service. (You will not have access to this. Ad management is taken care of for you.) This free service offers many ways for the OCIC to serve, configure and track your ads.

Ads run for one month at a time and cost $100 per month for the three-ad package. Each new advertiser receives two weeks of free ad placement to test click-through rate (CTR) and decide whether to continue with the month-to-month subscription. In most cases the ads pay for themselves!

Ads can be GIF, PNG or JPG, though PNG is best for non-photographic content, and JPG best for photos (e.g., a background photo with text on it, or something like that). Animations are fine, too.

Ads should have a quality, professional look to them, ideally using “iconographic colors” and photos that are in keeping with the overall ethos and aesthetic of (That said, this is just a general guideline.) Also, make it very clear what you are offering, and try different ad designs among your ads. (Google DFP will optimize which ads are served by displaying more frequently the ads that users click more often.) To assist with all of this we heartily commend to you the superb graphic design services of George Weis at Think Cap Design Studios (contact george [at]

Each ad must be associated with a Web page on your site to which the user is taken after they click the ad. In other words, for each ad you must supply a URL to a page on your Web site.

Please contact the OCIC if you have any questions or would like to get started advertising!